My Equipment

My Photography Equipment

A Brief breakdown of the equipment Matt uses

For photography purposes, Matt turns to both digital & film cameras. Originally starting out with a digital Nikon SLR, he has since moved to Large Format film and while he now shoots with a Linhoff Technika Mark IV from the 1960’s – for sheer sharpness, depth of field & resolution – he still enjoys the versatility of Digital SLR’s & the Nikon brand in particular, favoring this brand especially for its quality of lenses, & shoots with Nikon’s flagship DSLR; the class leading 36 Megapixel, full frame, 35mm Nikon D810

For seascape photography where you are continually exposed to the elements on a daily/weekly basis, you need equipment that is not only technically superior in its build quality, but is also semi resistant to the corrosive effects of high winds, salt water spray and also rain water.

Ergo the phrase applies here; “buy cheap, buy twice.” 

Every time I go out – I know I can rely on my equipment to do the job I need it do and not to let me down, so I can get on with the job in hand of setting up & taking my images. Of course unless you are lucky enough to be a millionaire everyone has a budget to stick to. Buying my D810 second hand body for just over £1,000 in March 2016 I recognized was a good deal (especially as it retailed for over £2,500 upon its release in 2012!!). However to afford it I had to part with other photography gear I loved. So it’s a trade-off – buy what you can afford, look after it and make the best use of it.

For shooting seascapes my equipment consists of the following –

Nikon D810 body

24mm f/1.8 G Lens

50mm f/1.8 G lens

80-200mm f/2.8D lens

Manfotto MT190XPro 4 Tripod

Manfrotto MH057A5-LONG Precision Panorama Head

Manfrotto MH055M8-Q5 Magnesium Photo-Move Ball Head

Cable Shutter Release

Formatt Hitech 100 Series Filers including 105mm Polarizer

With seascape & landscape photography – it is well worth remembering; all the greatest images created in the world of photography were most likely created with equipment less technologically advanced than yours.

With that point in mind, and in the clamor of camera manufacturers that want us to part with our hard earned cash in return for more & more megapixels, you should remember; it’s not the equipment that creates the image, but the photographer; the image created is via what you see with your own eyes through the viewfinder.


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